Dundee residents at risk as district municipality delays completion of R36 million water project

Dundee residents at risk as district municipality delays completion of R36 million water project

Dundee residents at risk as district municipality delays completion of R36 million water project

Dundee – A buried report submitted to the IFP-run Umzinyathi district municipality in northern KwaZulu-Natal has warned that the constant failure to wrap up the R36 million Biggarsberg water project on time poses a severe risk of water disruption in Dundee.

The report alleges that right now only one generator is working at the Tayside pump station and should it fail, the entire town of Dundee, the townships and the suburbs around may go without water for months.

The town of Dundee is currently undergoing severe water rationing which kicks in during the evening and runs into the early hours of the morning.

This has forced several accommodation establishments along the famous battlefields route to inform its guest to take this inconvenience into consideration when lodging with them.

The report was compiled in September last year after the construction company awarded the tender failed to finish the project in May 2022 as stipulated in the award letter.

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The company also failed to finish the work even after another extension was granted and the scheme is yet to be finished in May 2023.

“With reference to Item 2.3.2 of the attached minutes of the meeting, it has become clear that the project is not being prioritised by Makheleni Construction and, as a result, is now even further behind programme than it was at the time of the meeting.

“This is of grave concern as the present situation is that there is only one functional pump in the Tayside pump station and, should it fail, the water supply to Dundee and surrounds will be severely compromised.

“With reference to Item 3.1.1 of the attached minutes of the meeting, it was noted that the supplier of the valves (Ultra-Valve) has been paid in full, however, based on the Contractor’s request for a cession in the name of Ultra-Valve, it would seem to indicate that the valve supplier has not been paid in full.

“Please could you clarify the status as regards the payment for the valves as these are long lead items and, if they have not been ordered and/or paid for, further delays could arise,” read part of the report seen by IOL.

The municipality has denied that only one generator is working and it said the delays in finishing the water project were due to unforeseen circumstances and they were working on it.

“Makheleni Construction was employed by the Municipality to execute the upgrade of the pump station.

“Unfortunately the prices for the pumps and electrical equipment escalated such that other items of the project could not be completed as per the original business plan.

“The pumps were procured and paid for, and awaiting for installation.

“The reservoir was completed.

“One pump was installed, the two pumps are already in South Africa Jhb (Johannesburg) with the manufacturer.

“Additional funds are required to complete the outstanding work and the revised business plan is being discussed with DWS.

Source: https://www.iol.co.za/news/politics/dundee-residents-at-risk-as-district-municipality-delays-completion-of-r36-million-water-project-6463fdf8-5098-45c8-ba97-9d9214952081