Expansion of premium stone fruit line up from the southern hemisphere

Expansion of premium stone fruit line up from the southern hemisphere

Pacific Trellis Fruit will add Donut Peaches and Extra Sweet nectarines this coming year to its inaugural offering of imported specialty plum varieties to create a full line of premium stone fruit during the Southern Hemisphere Season. The company is gearing up for the new high-flavor arrivals from Chile with the Donut Peaches available in mid-December and Nectarines beginning in January. All six items will now be offered in both 2lb. or 1lb. clamshells, offering consumers quality, convenience and safety.

“Our imported specialty stone fruit offerings are shaking up the category,” said Dan Carapella Jr., VP of sales–fresh fruit. “Last year, we collected data from case studies showing the success retailers had with the program. These wildly sweet and juicy plums, along with flavorful nectarines and donut peaches, are available through April.”

Left to right: Watermelon plums, juicy red plums

The company highlights four specialty and premium plum SKUs – Lemon Plums, Extra Sweet, Watermelon and Sugar Plums. Lemon Plums, grown in Chile and South Africa, are yellow-skinned and turn bright red when ripe. Extra Sweet Plums, grown in Chile and South Africa, vary in appearance from bright red to dark red, to red/yellowish skin as well as black. Watermelon Plums, grown in South Africa, have green skin with red flesh, similar in appearance to a watermelon. Sugar Plums, grown in Chile and South Africa, have red to purple skin with golden-yellow flesh. In addition, the Donut Peaches have tender, juicy, and sweet white flesh while the Extra Sweet Nectarines have both white and yellow flesh fruit with a combination of sweet and tangy taste.

“The varieties offer a unique merchandising opportunity, capturing strong sales opportunities for the winter stone fruit category,” said Carapella.

Pacific Trellis Fruit will highlight its new specialty stone fruit at the upcoming Global Produce and Floral Show in Anaheim, California. Stop by Booth #3191 to talk to a sales representative or see the display at the Innovation Showcase.

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