‘From delulu to solulu’ — ‘The G-List’ cast talks inclusion on local TV

‘From delulu to solulu’ — ‘The G-List’ cast talks inclusion on local TV

“On the curated side it’s always suave and luxury but what people don’t know is that I have a big mouth. I have a big personality” said Clark.

“Also it’s an international reality show. Who would want to miss out on that?”

Taking on a tender topic, part of Mthaux’s fashion journey is inspired by the difficulties he faces when shopping in the female section. Part of his fashion brand focuses on catering to the needs of queer people. However, the issues Mthaux and his castmates face continue to plague queer communities who need to feel safe in different spaces.

“On the outside, it looks like things are getting better for us but inside things are getting worse,” said Clark.

“We still have Grindr horror stories that are happening in South Africa with people being kidnapped so it’s very difficult to feel safe when these things are happening.”

Mthaux said accessibility will always be a struggle for queer minorities.

“Until we see things catered for us in retail stores, until we see bathrooms not being so binary and until we see our families support us in our journeys. It’s one thing to get what we want but I need to know that when I go there I’m not going to get an off look. Until all that stops we are all going to have to keep fighting.”

While Mthaux and Odiba are excited to explore reactions to the show, Clark is excited for the many “Oprah wisdom” moments that are going to come out of it,, specifically regarding those who are confused about their identities.

“It’s helping them go from delulu (delusional) to solulu (solutions).”

The G-List premieres on eVod on October 27.

Source: https://www.timeslive.co.za/lifestyle/2023-10-27-from-delulu-to-solulu-the-g-list-cast-talks-inclusion-on-local-tv/