Galito’s menu and prices in South Africa (updated for 2023)

Galito’s menu and prices in South Africa (updated for 2023)

Galito’s is a proudly South African brand with one of the best-prepared fast-food chicken delicacies. The franchise opened its first SA outlet in 1996 and currently has around 160 restaurants across the country. Below are the updated Galito’s menu items and their prices in 2023.

Galito's menu and prices
Galito’s is one of SA’s fastest-growing franchises. Photo: @galitosofficial on Facebook (modified by author)
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The fast-food market is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries as more people seek convenience and ready meals to accommodate their hectic work schedules. South Africa has several fast-food brands that are popular among locals, including KFC, McDonald’s, Nando’s, Debonairs, and Steers.

Galito’s SA menu and prices in 2023

Galito’s restaurant in South Africa has a variety of fast-food meals, including chicken specials, burgers, kiddies’ specials, and a wide selection of sides. Customers can also access Delivery Galito’s menu and order online for delivery or collection at specific outlets.

Galito’s chicken menu

Item Price
1/4 chicken R45
1/2 chicken R85
Full chicken R159

Value meals

Item Description Price
Chicken livers Flash-grilled livers in homestyle Portuguese sauce with hints of tomato. Choose your preferred basting heat level. R32
Chicken livers meal Choose with roll, spicy rice, or Jumbo Pap. R39
Jambo Jambo meal Pulled chicken with spicy rice or pap served with Sishebo and GaliMayo R39
Quarter chicken meal with Jumbo Pap 1/4 chicken and Jumbo Pap R55
Quarter chicken meal with chips 1/4 chicken and regular chips R55
Quarter chicken meal with rice 1/4 chicken and spicy rice R55
Laduma meal 1/4 chicken with regular chips and roll, including your choice of regular chips, Jumbo Pap, Spicy Rice R59
Go Go Meal 1/4 chicken with spicy rice and coleslaw R69
Hot Box Meal – Jumbo Pap 3-piece chicken and Jumbo Pap R69
Hot Box Meal – Chips 3-piece chicken and regular chips R69
Hot Box Meal – Rice 3-piece chicken and spicy rice R69

1/2 chicken meals

Item Description Price
Boss Box Meal – Jumbo Pap 1/2 chicken and Jumbo Pap R93
Boss Box Meal – Chips 1/2 chicken and regular chips R93
Boss Box Meal – Rice 1/2 chicken and rice R93
Half-time Score 1/2 chicken with Jumbo Pap and chilli bean salad R119
Half Pack Box 1/2 chicken with coleslaw, 2 rolls, and large chips R149

Sharing meals menu

Item Description Price
Value pack Full chicken with two regular chips R189
Power Feast Full chicken with two Jumbo Paps and chilli bean salad R205
Good Times Feast Full chicken with two medium chips and four rolls R249
Chillaz Pack Full chicken with 2 spicy rice, two coleslaw, and 1 large chips R249
Full Pack Full chicken with two large chips, four rolls, and a garden salad R275
Kings Feast Two full chicken and four sides of your choice (either regular chips, Jumbo Pap, spicy rice, chilli bean, or spinach) R349

Hearty bowls menu

Item Description Price
Chicken strips and rice Grilled chicken strips on a bed of spicy rice and Sishebo topped with GaliMayo R59
Chicken strips and chips Grilled chicken strips on a bed of chips topped with GaliMayo R59
Galibowl Grilled chicken strips on a bed of spicy rice, homestyle spinach and Sishebo topped with GaliMayo R69

Burgers menu

Item Description Price
Chicken burger Galito’s fillet garnished with fresh lettuce, tomato, and GaliMayo R49
Chicken cheese burger Galito’s fillet, topped with a slice of cheese and garnished with fresh lettuce, tomato, and GaliMayo R59
Pulled chicken crunch roll Saucy, pulled grilled chicken with crunch coleslaw on a roll R39
Double up crunch deal Two pulled chicken crunch rolls R69
Mega crunch deal Four pulled chicken crunch rolls R99

Sides menu

Item Price
Regular chips R20
Large chips R35
Homestyle spinach R25
Chilli bean R30
Coleslaw R20
Fresh roll R10
Spicy rice R20
Jumbo Pap R15
Jumbo Pap and Sishebo R20
Garden Salad R39

Lean and Lekker menu

Lean and Lekker are part of Galito’s special menu items. The offerings include:

Item Description Price
Chicken salad Grilled chicken strips on a garden salad, drizzled with GaliMayo R65

Little Gallos menu

The Little Gallos menu has Galito’s specials for kids. The items include the following;

Item Description Price
BBQ chicken strips and chips Chicken strips with a portion of Kiddies chips R39

How much is the Galito’s 3-piece combo?

Galito’s 3-piece combo goes for R69. You can purchase a 3-piece chicken meal with Jumbo Pap, regular chips, or spicy rice. You can order with 300ml soda for an additional R20.

Are Galito’s and Nando’s the same?

Galito’s and Nando’s are different brands, but the founder of Galito’s, Louis Germishuys, is a former Nando’s franchisee. Nando’s and Galito’s specialize in Portuguese flame-grilled peri-peri style chicken delicacies.

Which is better, Nando’s or Galito’s?

Galito’s is Nando’s top competitor, but the rating is subjective and depends on individual customer experiences at different outlets. Nando’s has a rating of 3.5/5, while Galito’s flame-grilled chicken has a rating of 3/5 on Tripadvisor with mixed customer reviews.

Galito's fast-food delicacies.
Galito’s menu has a variety of fast-food items. Photo: @galitosofficial on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

From the above Galito’s menu and prices list for 2023, the franchise has a variety of affordable fast-food items in South Africa. For the latest pricing, visit any Galito’s near you or make a Galito’s online order.

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