How To Properly Roast Potatoes With Hot Coals – The Daily Meal

How To Properly Roast Potatoes With Hot Coals - The Daily Meal

It’s essential to begin with a potato variety that roasts well. Once you’ve decided on this, scrub the potatoes clean before wrapping them in foil. There’s no need to par-boil the potatoes first, as they will steam inside the foil, which will add to their fluffy texture. There’s also no need to peel them, as their skin will soften with the steam and then crisp up nicely once placed on the grill.

Another way to roast potatoes with hot coals is to use the ash. Ash roasting is a form of coal roasting, but instead of wrapping the potatoes in foil, they are placed directly amongst the coals. The potatoes will turn a dark black color from the soot and heat. Assessing when the potatoes are ready is easy, as you can simply push a knife through the skin to tell when they’re tender. Once cooked, carefully peel open a potato and spoon out the filling like you would a kiwi fruit.

Although the ash roasting method does not produce a crunchy exterior like the other roasting technique, it does produce a super fluffy interior with slightly smoky and nutty notes. It is easily seasoned with butter and salt, too, if you’re so inclined. If the grill is lit, why not try both and see which you prefer?