IFP-led Amajuba District municipality blames previous ANC administration for SIU investigation | Northern Natal News

IFP-led Amajuba District municipality blames previous ANC administration for SIU investigation | Northern Natal News

Amajuba District Municipality, Mayor Ndabuko Zulu, has applauded the Special Investigation Unit’s intention to probe a R59-million tender related to a water reservoir.

The tender also included selecting a supplier to install steel interlinking pipelines and refurbish existing pipe manifolds and valve chambers to connect the new reservoir to the current reservoirs.

SIU said the investigation will look into improper conduct that took place between August 1, 2019 and September 11, 2023.

Mayor Zulu said this ‘completely absolves the current administration of any responsibility for the occurrence or any wrongdoing. ‘

He added that during the internal audit of 2021 financial year, the municipality identified an irregularity, which was reported and disregarded by the then ANC led municipality.

“A supplier with a lesser bid price was identified, but the bid was not evaluated for functionality in terms of the required regulations.”

The municipality added that the matter was again raised by the Auditor General of South Africa (AGSA) in 2021 leading to the IFP-led municipality procuring the services of Ongoti Consulting PTY (LTD) to investigate the matter.

“Mayor Zulu is unequivocal in saying that the awarding procedure was carried out prior to the current IFP administration. The malpractice lies on the shoulders of the previous ANC led administration, as a result, those responsible for it must be held accountable for the anomalies and repent.”

According to the municipality, those who handed the transaction adjustments, the accounting officer who approved the transaction, and others ‘who made crucial decisions are all no longer employed at the municipality.’

“As a committed, accountable and transparent government, Amajuba District Municipality wishes to assure our communities that we fully support the investigation to unearth any suspected wrongdoing within our municipality and will fully comply and cooperate with the SIU investigation to ensure that the exercise is fruitful,” the mayor concluded.

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