Local artist releases new hit single • Tabloid Newspapers

Local artist releases new hit single • Tabloid Newspapers

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Musical artist, Denzyl Pillay from Phoenix has once again released another hit single entitled, ‘Can You Move Your Body’, which has taken the airwaves and various social media platforms by storm.

The hit single is an Ama-pop-piano / Amapiano hit and Pillay’s sixth single from his latest releases. Amapiano is a sub-genre of house music that emerged in South Africa in the mid-2010s.

Musician, Denzyl Pillay

It is a hybrid of deep house, jazz and lounge music characterised by synths and wide percussive basslines. Speaking to the Phoenix Tabloid, Pillay said: “I created the song for people who love to dance. ‘Can You Move Your Body’ is currently on Bush FM, KC107.7, Musina FM 104.0, SMU FM and Eldos FM. The song has two hit radio interviews so far, it made the Music Imbizo at the Durban ICC in August and has been featured on the Stars on the Rise on the Sheer publishing newsletter not long ago. There is a dance challenge currently with DSTV content creator awards nominee and Amapiano celebrity dancer, Adriian Hughes. I encourage dancers to join the battle to win a R2000 cash prize and be featured on a Pilot Films music video. The sound track has been used by a few popular influencers like Levi Green. The song is growing and there is also a music video already commissioned for this single with Pilot films which will be released soon.”

Pillay said that his love for music began at the tender age of five. “I grew up in a family full of musicians and dancers. I sang my first song, compiled by my father at the tender age of five years old. At seven-years-old, I was already learning how to play the guitar. I still remember learning to play my first song, ‘Hotel California’ by the Eagles, instantly after my father taught me. I have since served at many church organisations with my musical skills and led as a praise and worship leader at the Phoenix Baptist Church. Although I have taken a break, I plan on getting back to it. I just think its my path and in my blood to do music,” said Pillay.

The young artist said that he wants to spread love, kindness and peace “in this dying world” through his music. “To me, music is not about the fame but the love of it. I believe that fame eventually fades away but the love for music will always remain,” said Pillay.

Pillay has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry both locally and internationally. “Firstly, I’m an independent artist that uses all the service providers that big record labels use both locally and internationally. For this single, ‘Can You Move Your Body’ – I worked with IBE Music (Ian Bredenkamp) who does work for Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Ice Spice, Big Zulu, T-pain, Ed Sheeran, Sony Music, Universal Music and Warner Music to name a few. I’ve also worked with PrichA music group as a song writer and composer, music producer and recording, mixing and mastering engineer, who does most of the popular songs you hear in SA, Pilots Films who does great music videos for some of the biggest stars, my publishers – Sheer Publishing, Tickybox Media and AirCeleb,” said Pillay.

“As a growing agent in the industry, I have built connections both locally and internationally. US production duo, Joao da Silva and Nelson Lino are still on the mission of the remake of my first single ‘Lose Your Shoes’. I have also been in contact with Ken Lewis for a while who does work for Eminem, Kanye West, Bruno Mars and Drake to name a few. I am planning to work with him. Award-winning music producer, Dj Jashmirsa and I are cooking up a storm in the studio with my next Ama-pop-piano release ‘Don’t Stop’, which will be released following my first Amapiano song – ‘Can You Move Your Body’. I draw my inspiration from life itself as life is a challenge to everyone. I do look up to many artists and by far, I still think Micheal Jackson is still dope,” said the musician.

Apart from making music in the studio, Pillay is an entrepreneur who opened up his first company earlier this year. He is also the founder of the Disabled People’s Foundation and an author. “My only dream is to become a better version of myself and that I can be able to do as much as I can before I leave this earth. I’m a person with a big heart and I have helped as many people as I could in my path,” he said.

Pillay’s advice to the youth who aspire to be in the music industry one day is: “If you do believe in yourself and your art – pursue it. Never stop following your dreams and ambitions.” Pillay’s music can be found on all music platforms including YouTube, Spotify, Amazon and iTunes. Check out ‘Can You Move Your Body’ – Denzyl on TikTok.

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