[RESTAURANT OF THE WEEK] Braai Republic celebrates South African cuisine

[RESTAURANT OF THE WEEK] Braai Republic celebrates South African cuisine

The spread at Braai Republic / Courtesy of Shuttle Delivery
The spread at Braai Republic / Courtesy of Shuttle Delivery

By Mark Boesch

A taste of Africa in Korea, Braai Republic serves South African barbecue, hand-made sausages and homemade meat pies.

Way back in 2006, expat rugby players in Seoul started making biltong and boerewors (South African air-cured jerky and sausage) for their post-game get-togethers, which led to food festivals, online sales and then co-founders Roddy Bancroft and Chris Truternow opening their first restaurant in the back streets of Itaewon in 2011.

Fast forward to today, and Braai Republic has also opened locations in western Seoul’s Hongdae area and Anjeong-ri in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province. In a land where barbecue reigns, Braai Republic has carved out a niche for itself with a lineup of mouth-watering South African braai favorites.

Adopted from the Afrikaans word braai, which means simply “to grill” in South Africa, Braai Republic builds on a rich heritage. As one might assume, the braai is central to their mission, and unquestionably the highlight of the menu. The tender and juicy meats are seasoned with Braai’s blend of herbs and spices and then grilled to sweet perfection. The lamb chops are a crowd favorite, but the spare ribs, peri-peri chicken and hand-made sausages are also remarkable. If seafood is more your thing, they serve large grilled prawns marinated for days in a heavenly peri-peri sauce.

The second half of Braai Republic’s menu features a signature lineup of meat pies, a traditional homemade pastry with a meat filling and other savory ingredients. The South African Lamb Pie is a masterpiece, slow-cooked for more than three hours and loaded with carrots, onions, herbs and a delicately seasoned broth. If lamb isn’t your thing, they also have a tender chicken meat pie with mushrooms, mayonnaise and a kick of cayenne pepper, or a minced pork pie with sage, oregano and a hint of maple syrup. Their pies are so popular that they opened Pie Republic in Hongdae, which makes an extended lineup of meat pies, including the Lentil & Mushroom Pie, a delicious veggie option. With each succulent bite, Braai’s lineup of meat pies satisfies, and if you can’t get enough, they also make for excellent takeout.

At Braai Republic, the sides and extras provide the enticing harmonies that elevate the main course. These include deep-fried potato wedges, signature coleslaw, curry beans and mielie salad. A house specialty is the biltong, a traditional South African beef that is semi-dried to cured after marinating in a blend of roasted coriander seeds and spices. The droewors, literally dry sausage, is a traditional South African meat snack with beef and spices that is air dried under the sun. Each creation on this menu ensures a truly exceptional dining experience.

Braai Republic is closed on Mondays, but open Tuesday through Sunday. It offers lunch service daily from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. and then dinner service from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. It is also available for pickup and delivery in Seoul’s
Yongsan District and Mapo District as well as Pyeongtaek’s Anjeong-ri. Visit linktr.ee/braairepublic for more information about the restaurant and place orders through shuttledelivery.co.kr or by using the Shuttle Delivery app

Mark Boesch is co-founder and chief marketing officer of Shuttle Delivery.

Source: https://m.koreatimes.co.kr/pages/article.asp?newsIdx=355330