Roadmac Surfacing Cape tender notice and invitation to tender for round 1 | News24

Roadmac Surfacing Cape tender notice and invitation to tender for round 1 | News24
Roadmac Surfacing Cape tender notice and invitation to tender for round 1 | News24

Roadmac Surfacing Cape invites tenders from experienced subcontractors and suppliers for contract by noon on 26 July 2024.

Read the original notice below:

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Roadmac Surfacing Cape invites tenders from experienced EME/QSE subcontractors / suppliers for Contract SANRAL R.027-078-2021/1R For The (SPECIAL MAINTENANCE ON NATIONAL ROUTE R27 SECTION 7 AND 8 FROM THE Northern Cape/Western Cape Border (KM 41.12) TO Calvinia (KM 69.82) endorsed by The South African National Roads Agency SOC Limited (SANRAL). This project is in the province of Northern Cape in the district municipality of Namakwa District Municipality and in the local municipality of Hantam Municipality.

Subcontractors are required for the following subcontracts: 

sanral, tender notice, roadmac surfacing, south af

The duration varies for each subcontract package.

Only tenderers who are registered on the National Treasury Central Supplier Database at the closing date for tender submissions and who comply with the definition of a Targeted Enterprise under clause C.2.1.1 and are at least 51% Black owned and who is an EME or QSE or cooperative, are eligible to tender.

Only tenderers that meet all the eligibility criteria under clause C.2.1.1 of the Tender Data will be considered.

Only tenderers who meet the minimum functionality score as stated in clause C.3.11 will be evaluated further on price and preference.

The tenderers attention is drawn to clause C.3.11 of the Tender Data for each work package when submitting their tender.

Tenders from tenderers registered as potentially emerging enterprises but with a CIDB contractor grading designation lower than a contractor grading designation determined in accordance with the sum tendered, or a value determined in accordance with Regulation 25(1B) or 25(7A) of the Construction Industry Development Regulations, will not be accepted.

Only locally produced or locally manufactured products and components for construction will be considered.

Preferences are offered to tenderers who comply with the criteria stated in the Tender Data.

Subcontract tender documents

Tender documents are available:

– At no cost in electronic format via e-mail. Prospective tenderers may send a request for a link to the document to the following address [email protected]. Tenderers must have access to Microsoft Office © 2013 and Acrobat Adobe © 9.0, or similar compatible software, or

– At no cost for collection in electronic format on USB device. Tenderers must have access to Microsoft Office © 2013 and Acrobat Adobe © 9.0, or similar compatible software.

– The physical address for collection of hardcopy tender documents for (Only CIDB Grade 1CE and 2CE) will be at the briefing venue, where documents may be collected during the hours 09h00 to 16h00 (Monday to Friday).

Tenderers’ briefing and training

A compulsory tender clarification briefing and training session(s) with representatives of the Contractor and Engineer will take place at Lenie Skippers Community Hall. Failure to attend the tender clarification briefing and training session(s) mentioned above will result in the tenderer’s offer being non-responsive.

Prospective tenderers should pre-book via email for the clarification briefing and training session(s). A request for a clarification briefing and training session shall be sent via email at [email protected]  and the following details are to be specified:

  1. Company Name,
  2. Full Name and Surname,
  3. Identity Document Number,
  4. Contact Number,
  5. Email address,
  6. The package(s) of interest

 The abovementioned information is required to share the Standard Operating Procedures for the Information Briefing Meeting, Tender Submissions and must be submitted before 10th July 2024 @14H00. Such information will also be utilized as preapproval for admission into the Information Briefing Meeting venue.

Tenders from tenderer’s who arrived late at the clarification briefing session will not be allowed, and their submissions shall be declared non-responsive.

A tenderer’s representative cannot represent more than one tenderer at the clarification briefing session. Tenderer’s must be represented at the tender clarification briefing by a representative who must be the Tenderer himself or an authorised person in the direct employment of the Tenderer.

Completion and delivery of tenders

The closing time for receipt of tenders is 12:00 on  Friday  26th July 2024.

Only tender offers submitted in and delivered to the address specified in the Tender Data will be accepted.Physical submission of tenders is compulsory.

Requirements for sealing, addressing, delivery, opening and assessment of tenders are stated in the Tender Data.

The tender and supporting documents shall be sealed in an envelope and clearly marked with the package name and package number:

Sub-Contract CONTRACT R/WP1-5,9-11,12,13-15,16-20,21,30,32,33,34,35&36. Packages shall be delivered by hand to The Barn, Calvinia,8190. during the period that will be communicated at the respective Information Briefing Meeting and indicated in the respective Information Briefing Meeting Presentation.

Note:  Telephonic, telegraphic, telex, facsimile, e-mailed or electronic applications will not be accepted.

The Tender Documentation for all packages in this Tender Notice shall reach the stipulated address no later than Friday, 26th July 2024@ 12:00.

Submissions will be at The Barn, Calvinia,8190.

Queries relating to issues arising from the tenderer’s clarification briefing presentation or these documents may be addressed to the following:

Contact Person: Malibongwe Mantimakhulu /Precina Ramabodu

Cell No: 065 712 2043/ 081 046 7033/ 082 082 6647

E-mail: [email protected]

This post and content is sponsored, written and produced by Roadmac Surfacing Cape.