Top 10 Hidden Gems in Pretoria

Top 10 Hidden Gems in Pretoria

In the heart of Pretoria, within the 012 area code, lies a treasure trove of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. These lesser-known and secluded destinations offer numerous opportunities for memorable experiences. Our team has diligently scouted and curated a selection of the finest hidden gems in Pretoria.

1. DK Burger

DK Burger - hidden gems in Pretoria

Source: Facebook / @DK Burger

Regarding hidden gems in Pretoria, DK Burger is a culinary treasure waiting to be uncovered. This burger haven is a true delight in tucked away within the Waterkloof Golf Club beneath De Kloof Restaurant. While Pretoria boasts numerous burger joints, DK Burger is a lesser-known gem. Their burger menu may be minimalist, but the classic cheeseburger is a standout option, making it one of the city’s best-kept secrets.

DK Burger serves up cheeseburgers that are nothing short of culinary perfection, offering a taste experience. These burgers could be described as ballistic missiles of delectable goodness. DK Burger is committed to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients for all garnishes, including their in-house-made ketchup. To enhance your dining experience, they also offer an extensive selection of craft beers and ciders. Undoubtedly, DK Burger is one of Pretoria’s hidden gems, and a must-visit for burger enthusiasts.

2. Grounded at Echo

Grounded at Echo - hidden gems in Pretoria

Source: Facebook / @Grounded at Echo

Explore a hidden gem in Pretoria, Grounded Work. It’s not just a coffee shop but a creative coffee house and collaborative space located in the heart of Villieria. Beyond serving high-grade coffee and various drinks, Grounded Work hosts monthly events and even offers Zulu lessons every Saturday.

What sets it apart is its role as a communal workspace provider, offering venue rentals, hot desks, high-speed fibre internet, storage, printing, courier services, and a well-equipped boardroom at competitive rates. Grounded work’s exceptional interior aesthetics make it an ideal spot for work and leisure, making it a true hidden gem in Pretoria.

3. Trent Art Gallery

Trent Art Gallery - hidden gems in Pretoria

Source: Facebook / @Trent Art Gallery

Unearth the hidden gems of Pretoria’s art scene, like the remarkable Stuart Trent Gallery. Located on Long Street in Waterkloof, this gallery has consistently showcased works from some of the region’s most brilliant local artists, making it a must-visit for art enthusiasts.

The gallery provides an intimate and unique experience, with its charmingly congested space allowing visitors to mingle while admiring captivating artworks. In the winter months, the ambience is further enhanced by cosy konka fires, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for every exhibit opening. Stay updated on upcoming shows and exhibits by following the Stuart Trent Gallery on Facebook, and immerse yourself in the world of self-portrait masters and exceptional local artists.

4. A’la Turka

A'la Turka - hidden gems in Pretoria

Source: Facebook / @A’la Turka

Located within Yadah Castle near Irene, A’la Turka is a Turkish restaurant that unveils the rich flavours of Middle Eastern cuisine to Pretoria’s palate. This enchanting spot offers delectable dishes and houses a dance studio and a rejuvenating Turkish bath spa on its premises. As you step inside, you’ll be captivated by the restaurant’s spacious layout, comprising various lounges, charming garden terraces, and elegant dining rooms with a classically Turkish aesthetic.

A’la Turka prides itself on an extensive menu featuring both set menus and à la carte options. From traditional meze delights like tabouleh, dolma, and koftas to mouthwatering specialities like sheikh al mihshi and adana kebab, the food spans the spectrum of Middle Eastern cuisine. They even offer nargileh, or argileh, hubbly bubbly Middle Eastern pipes, with a delightful array of flavours for hire. A’la Turka is a hidden gem in Pretoria that promises an authentic Middle Eastern dining experience waiting to be savoured.

5. Wonderboom Nature Reserve

Wonderboom Nature Reserve - hidden gems in Pretoria

Source: Facebook / @Wonderboom Nature Reserve

Nestled in Pretoria’s northern region, the Wonderboom Nature Reserve hides among the majestic Magaliesburg Mountains, offering a serene escape. Its hilltop vantage point provides sweeping panoramas framed by lush, broad-leaved woodlands cascading down rocky slopes and interspersed with verdant grasslands.

Explore captivating hiking trails that not only reveal the area’s natural beauty but also offer a glimpse into its rich heritage. Discover a historic fort perched atop the hill, and at the base, near the iconic Wonderboom, explore an Iron Age archaeological site. Nearby, an exceptional Stone Age site unveils the layers of history and nature that make this reserve one of Pretoria’s hidden gems.

6. Sci-Enza

Sci-Enza - hidden gems in Pretoria

Source: Facebook / @Sci-Enza

Discover Pretoria’s Hidden Gem: Sci-Enza at the University of Pretoria. This interactive science centre, the oldest in Africa, is an ideal day outing for scholars of all ages. Explore exhibits in physics and biology, including the famed Camera Obscura, which offers a unique view of Pretoria. Sci-Enza also hosts free public talks and seminars by renowned scientists worldwide, making knowledge accessible to all. The Sci-Enza building is open to the public from Monday to Friday, and admission is free. Explore the wonders of science in the heart of Pretoria at Sci-Enza.

7. Climbing Barn

The Climbing Barn - hidden gem in Pretoria

Source: Facebook / @The Climbing Barn

Uncover Pretoria’s hidden gem for climbing enthusiasts, “The Barn.” This indoor rock climbing complex offers a vast expanse of walls with regularly changing routes to keep the experience fresh. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, they have climbing gear for rent and offer beginner classes, making it accessible to all. With reasonable rates, it’s perfect for group activities or a fun day out. Discover the thrill of climbing at The Barn in Pretoria, a true hidden gem worth exploring.

8. South African Air Force Museum

South African Air Force Museum - Hidden gems in Pretoria

Source: Facebook / @South African Air Force Museum

The Swartkops Air Force Base in Pretoria is a hidden gem for history and military enthusiasts. While not glorifying the horrors of war, this destination offers a unique window into the world of military aviation. Don’t miss the annual Pretoria air show hosted by the South African Air Force (SAAF) Museum, featuring a captivating exhibition of both civil and military aviation. If you can’t attend the air show, the museum is open year-round, with conventional hangar displays available for exploration from Wednesday to Saturday. Immerse yourself in the rich history of aviation and military advancements at the Swartkops Air Force Base, a true hidden gem in Pretoria.

9. Pasta Barra Brooklyn

Pasta Barra Brooklyn - hidden gems in Pretoria

Source: Facebook / @Pasta Barra Brooklyn

Explore one of Pretoria’s hidden gems, Pasta Barra, located conveniently on Florence Robeiro Drive. This restaurant offers a modern, cosy ambience and Mediterranean-inspired flavours. Open from Tuesday to Sunday, with extended hours until 10 pm on Fridays and Saturdays and a delightful Sunday lunch menu until 3 pm, Pasta Barra promises an unforgettable dining experience. Their menu features a range of pasta dishes, priced from R110 to R280, and a delectable grill selection, including tender chicken breast starting at R180 and deluxe King Prawns up to R420. Join Pasta Barra for a culinary journey that proves life is too short for mediocre food.

10. Sooper Italian Restaurant

Sooper Italian Restaurant - hidden gems in Pretoria

Source: Facebook / @ Sooper Italian Restaurant

Sooper Ristorante, nestled in the heart of Pretoria, occupies a space where Mimmos Watermeyer once delighted residents for numerous years, earning its status as a local landmark, an unassuming gem.

The decision to transform this well-established eatery wasn’t made lightly; it required extensive contemplation and meticulous planning.

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