Transnet responds to viral video of workers using makeshift tools and a bucket to remove rainwater

Transnet responds to viral video of workers using makeshift tools and a bucket to remove rainwater

Durban — The Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) has explained the viral video of workers using makeshift tools and a bucket to scoop up water following heavy rains along a terminal warehouse in Durban.

The video shows three people, two with makeshift tools and the other waiting for the bucket to be filled up with water before disposing of it.

The person who took the video explains what he had witnessed.

He said he did not want to be nasty but surely this can only happen in Africa, namely South Africa.

“They now employ people and there are puddles like this, I can assure you this water here it’s like an ocean … all over the show.

“These ladies stand here all day. Then they take the bucket, throw it in the bay, and feed the fish. Okay, 20 litres. Then they go all the way back there. While they’re standing there having a conflab. They fill the bucket … Africa. It’s probably about 400, maybe 150ml of water at a time … ” the man said.

“Then it rains again and fills up the puddles and then they start again.”

Reacting to the video, this is what Facebook users had to say:

Andre Venn said: “They are in no hurry whatsoever and you’ll be surprised at what they get paid. Job creation it’s called. A portable water pump will get the job done in less than 30 minutes with R50 petrol. Is there even a need to remove that water at all????”

Rishi Ramkissoon said: “Fire them and hire a pump.”

Melanee Paballo Setlhabi said: “That’s Transnet land, Transnet needs to sort out the draining system … ”

Kevin Govender said: “Was this an awarded tender because it would take about 2 months to clear up the water.”

In a statement, the TNPA said it was aware of the circulating video clip showing quayside flooding and external contractors using makeshift tools and a bucket to drain the water at one of the privately owned and managed terminals in the Port of Durban’s Point Precinct.

The TNPA said the video was taken during the recent heavy rains in Durban and shows the collection of stormwater on the waterside and cargo lining along the terminal warehouse, which has since dried up.

“The ports authority has engaged the private terminal operator, who acknowledged the incident and advised that this was a temporary measure used for the first time at its facility,” the TNPA said.

“The authority condemns the method used and promotes more efficient measures, such as water pumping.”

The TNPA added that its engineering team has awarded a contractor who is currently carrying out maintenance work to resurface the quayside and rehabilitate some roads in the port to address the issue of potholes and stormwater drainage. The completion of this work is scheduled for early 2024.

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